Creating games is hard, but if you make games you like, it becomes fun. Discovering what it takes to make a game you like and to make a product out of it that people want to play is what inspired the founders of SmartArt Game Studio to start their own gaming business. From there they have grown into a professional game development studio that combine a wealth of knowledge with expertise and experience.

A lot has already been achieved in this industry and in the last couple of years it has been opened up to a much wider and broader group of game creators. Not only technology and platform innovations have drawn mass interest from all sorts of companies, also new business models have emerged that have created amazing products and stories.

SmartArt is bringing to this amazing industry the insight how to level up quality by focusing more on combining favourite game play mechanics, AI with some character and graphics that present a consistent design and a clean style. For industries, such as the energy sector they provide a clear approach to work with topics such as gamification, serious and applied gaming.

They achieve this through products that have a high level of player enjoyment and engagement and services that add clear design, quality, and efficiency to any gaming project. Bringing smartness to the art of game making. Contact us for more information.